Changes to DMARC Digests pricing in 2024

We wanted to give you a heads up that we’re making a few changes to DMARC Digests pricing in 2024. 
Beginning April 15, 2024:
  • Prices will increase to $14 for new domains
    • A new domain is any domain added to an account
    • A domain that’s removed from, then later re-added to an account is considered a new domain
  • Prices for existing domains (domains added prior to April 15, 2024) will see no changes
  • Existing customers who make changes (add new domains, or remove then re-add a domain) will see the new pricing apply

We know you might have some questions about these changes, so let’s dive into the details. 

Why we raised our prices

We hadn’t made changes to DMARC Digests pricing since… actually, we’ve never updated them! Our pricing has remained the same since DMARC Digests was launched in 2020. 

We’ve always been proud to be a healthy business and we want to ensure we stay that way. We’ve designed our new prices to be fair to our customers and competitive against alternative products, while at the same time setting DMARC Digests up for long-term success.

What will change for existing customers? 

Nothing, as long as you continue on with the same domains associated with your account. You’ll continue to be on our legacy pricing and your future invoices will look the same. 

If you make a change to your subscription after April 15, 2024, though—for example by adding a new domain—our new 2024 will automatically apply to that new domain. Your other domains will continue on with our legacy pricing. 

Customers who join us on or after April 15, 2024 will do so on our new 2024 pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay on the legacy pricing? 

We don’t expect to make any additional changes to legacy pricing in the near future, but we can’t promise that our legacy prices will stay forever. 

Keep in mind that all new domains added on or after April 15th are on the new 2024 pricing. The same applies if you remove a domain then re-add it later.

What is legacy pricing? 

Wherever we introduce new plans and pricing, the old DMARC Digests plans don’t immediately go away. Instead, we turn our old plans into what we call “legacy plans”. Once a plan is a legacy plan, it is no longer available to new customers. 

If I remove a domain and re-add it later, can I still have the legacy price? 

If the domain is re-added to your account on or after April 15, 2024, the new 2024 pricing will apply. Only domains added prior to April 15th and that are continuously active are eligible for our legacy pricing. 

I started a free trial before April 15th—am I eligible for legacy pricing? 

Yes, any domains added during your free trial prior to April 15th will qualify for legacy pricing.

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