How to transfer a domain from Postmark’s free DMARC tool

We’ve made it super simple to transfer domains into DMARC Digests for folks already using Postmark’s free DMARC tool. Our migration tool allows you to move your domain without needing to update your existing DMARC record. We’ll even import any DMARC history we still have stored for your domain so you’re not starting from scratch.

Follow these steps to migrate a domain to DMARC Digests:

  1. Log in to your DMARC Digests account.
  2. Start a new domain transfer. (This can also be accessed from the Add Domain page.)
  3. Enter the domain you’d like to transfer from our free tool and hit Request Transfer.
  4. We’ll now send a message to the email address that’s currently receiving the free DMARC emails. Check your inbox and hit the button in the confirmation email to initiate the transfer.
  5. Your domain will now be visible in your DMARC Digests account! 🎉 It may take a few hours for your past DMARC history to appear.

Once a domain has been moved to DMARC Digests, you’ll stop receiving the weekly emails from our free tool. DMARC Digests sends a more detailed version of these emails that you can sign up to receive weekly and/or monthly.

If you decide to stop using DMARC Digests, you’ll need to sign up to receive the free emails again at Be sure to update your domain’s DMARC record with the new one provided at sign up.

Why am I unable to transfer my domain?

First, make sure that you don't have multiple DMARC records in your DNS. Our verification tool and email receivers will only look at the first DMARC record, so if you need to have reports sent to multiple addresses, you'll need to combine them into a single record.

It's also possible that your domain was never properly verified in Postmark's free DMARC tool and in this case, we won't be able to transfer it over to DMARC Digests. You'll first need to make sure that the DMARC record in your DNS is valid and correct. Feel feel to pop us a message and we can have a look with you!

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