Can I have multiple DMARC records?

Domains can only have one DMARC record for the root domain or individual sub-domains. Adding multiple DMARC records at the same level can confuse email receivers as they don’t know which DMARC policy to follow or where they should send reports. Adding multiple DMARC records at the same level can also cause DMARC Digests domain verification to fail.

Merge multiple DMARC records into a single record

If you need to have reports sent to multiple addresses, then rather than adding multiple DMARC records, you can instead specify multiple reporting addresses in one record. This is done by separating them with commas in the rua tag portion of the DMARC record.

Remember to include the mailto: prefix before each reporting address in your DMARC record. For example:

v=DMARC1; p=reject; pct=100;,; sp=none;

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