Why does my DMARC DNS record fail verification?

It’s quite common for DNS providers to take up to 24 hours to propagate. If this is the case, we will attempt to verify your DMARC DNS record every hour. Once verification is successful we’ll let you know by email.

The DMARC reporting address that you have in your DNS should be an exact match with what you see in your DMARC Digest's account. You can find this by clicking on your domain and going to Settings:

You can also use a tool such as MXToolbox to see what your current public DMARC record is displayed as.

If you have two DMARC records, this will also likely get in the way of your domain being verified. Check out how you can merge two DMARC records into one

If 24 hours have passed and your domain still hasn't been verified, please get in touch with us so that we can take a look with you.

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