Improved DMARC Processor FAQ

We recently launched an improved DMARC report processor for DMARC Digests that allows us to:

  • Process DMARC records faster.
  • Extract more detailed information about DKIM signatures and alignment.
  • Implement future report processor improvements without the need to update your DMARC record.

If you signed up before November 2020 you may need to update the DMARC record for your domain in order to ensure reports are sent to the new processor.

How do I know if I need to update the DMARC record for my domain?

The DMARC record for your domain contains an email address in the rua tag which specifies where receivers should send DMARC reports. If this email address includes your domain is using our legacy report processor and the record will need to be updated. Domains using the new report processor have a reporting address that includes

You will see a notice on the domain settings page in DMARC Digests and in your weekly digest emails if you need to update a domain to the new processor.

How do I switch to the new report processor?

  1. Log in to your DMARC Digests account.
  2. Select a domain on the Domains page.
  3. Go to the domain Settings page.
  4. Click the Update DMARC record button.
  5. Update the DMARC record in your domains DNS with the new one that’s provided. The email address in the rua tag should be the only thing that has changed.
  6. Head back to DMARC Digests and click the Done button.
  7. We’ll now verify that your DMARC record has been updated correctly. This may take up to 24 hours.

Will I lose any DMARC reports during the switch?

No. We’ll continue to process any DMARC reports the old processor receives for your domain for 7 days after you make the switch.

Do I have to switch to the new report processor?

We’re not requiring customers to make the switch right now, but you may miss out on future improvements should you choose to stick with our legacy DMARC report processor.

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